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  1. Drifter definition is - one that drifts; especially: one that travels or moves about aimlessly. How to use drifter in a sentence.
  2. a person or thing that drifts. a person who goes from place to place, job to job, etc., remaining in each for a short period. Also called drift boat. a boat used in fishing with a drift net.
  3. Founded , the drifter ethos is to move forward, to constantly evolve. We create garments that transcend age, time, and space. Our inspiration manifests from a belief in the experimentation of disparate concepts: modern but vintage; intricate but flexible; classic but raw.
  4. drifter A person who accepts that they are without a permanent lodging and chooses to travel from place to place with the purpose of not becoming attached to anyone or anywhere thus avoiding commitment and responsibility. Age gender and wealth are not an influence to a genuine 'drifter'.
  5. 12 synonyms of drifter from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 16 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for drifter. Drifter: a person who roams about without a .
  6. Jun 03,  · A suspensefilled thriller about a successful single woman who, on a deserted road, picks up a mysterious hitchhiker. Once back in the city, THE DRIFTER follows her every move. Every attempt to free herself of his harassment fails until the shocking conclusion is revealed! Written by Concorde - New Horizons (with permission)/10().
  7. Drifter USA Official Site | Drifter Sport & Travel Bags. Shop casual women's, men's, kids' bags at Drifter. Our feature is comfortable and accessible, classic and modern, light and strong.
  8. Drift Hunters is the top-rated drifting game of Choose from a selection of ten high-performance drift cars, upgrading, tuning them into your dream cars.

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